Exchange District Condo

Scope of Work

The towers of Portage and Main are visible for the south east facing windows of this 1400 sf condo overlooking Old Market Square.  After emptying and selling the nest in Wolseley, this professional couple wanted a new nest on the 4th floor of a classic, Exchange District block.  Features of the design include:

  • New concrete topping on 100 year old floor structure pumped up from the street
  • New wood and tile floors.
  • New heating, venting, and air conditioning system
  • Custom built guitar display cases and Murphy bed in den
  • All wiring for ceiling lighting in exposed conduit
  • Early industrial design aesthetic

Design / Construction Factors

The design locates the most “public” rooms of the house along the east and south walls of the space to maximize natural light and view, while locating the bedroom as far from the corner as possible.  A small garage with overhead door is located off the front entrance to accommodate bikes and other storage.  Standard IKEA-type cabinetry is integrated to achieve in a cost-effective way, a refined built-in appearance.

Project Delivery

The project will be delivered with a fixed fee arrangement for the stipulated scope of work.  The project will take three months to build from start to finish.

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