Artist’s Studio

Scope of Work

A new studio was constructed for two painters, in their backyard.  Designed by Syverson Monteyne Architecture, features of the studio include:

  • A dilapidated garage was removed make room for the new studio, and to avoid unnecessary damage to trees and garden.
  • The floor is a concrete structural slab sitting on a concrete pile foundation.
  • The studio is heated by the radiant slab.
  • The studio is cooled with a ductless split AC unit.
  • Low maintenance and durable stucco exterior cladding system
  • Fibreglass windows and high insulation levels

Design / Construction Factors

The owners are both painters who work at a variety of scales and mediums.  This small single room building has generous windows facing north into a garden between house and studio.  Sparsely appointed with the minimum of furniture and equipment necessary, the studio facilitates and subtly inspires artistic creation.

Project Delivery

The project was delivered with a fixed fee arrangement for the stipulated scope of work.  Additional work was added along the way, which was completed on a cost-plus basis.  The project took six months to build from start to finish.

view_4 view_6Ready for the shellWing wall extension Framing the roofRoof framing taking shapeWindows in placeReady for Exterior cladding