M Residence

Scope of Work

A new residence situated on a deep, tree and deer-filled lot in Winnipeg, architecturally designed by Monteyne Architecture Works.   Features of the new home include:

  • New house built on site of existing house to avoid damage to trees
  • Concrete Pile Foundation
  • Main floor 12″ above grade including garage slab
  • Off-site pre-fabrication of wood framing components
  • Fibreglass windows and high insulation levels
  • Durable 2-ply SBS torched on membrane roof
  • Vertical clear cedar siding and cement board exterior cladding systems
  • Spray foam insulation
  • Custom cabinetry and high-end finishes requiring a high level of craft and care on installing
  • Elevator

Design / Construction Factors
Designed to meet the physical and aesthetic needs of a person with reduced mobility, the house spreads out to accommodate all functions including garage on  one floor.  Evoking the mid-century bungalows commonly found in the Tuxedo neighbourhood of the 50’s, the gently sloping roofs rise to the middle of the house where the most “public” rooms, including the kitchen and living room, are located.  A thin row of clerestory windows allows sunlight into these spaces.  The main floor is located close to grade to allow easy access from front to back of the property, and generous landscaped wells allow natural light into the basement.  Privacy is maintained by the placement of windows and the depth of the window wells on the street side of the house.  The house is clad in a combination of vertical cedar shiplap siding, cement board panels, and cut face limestone.

Project Delivery
The project will be delivered with a fixed fee arrangement for the stipulated scope of work.  The project will take eighteen months to build from start to finish.

Front Facade

     Render 3 copyRender 4 copy 2IMG_2329      IMG_5484IMG_7007IMG_6860 Tindell Stone DetailingFront Facade IMG_7442   IMG_7444IMG_7441IMG_7449img_1761img_2188