South Drive Sunroom

Scope of Work

A new sunroom designed by Monteyne Architecture Works Inc. was constructed on top of an existing river-facing terrace of this grand house designed by the firm in 2004.  Features of the sunroom include:

  • Double glazed roof and walls in powder-coated aluminum framing
  • Roof glazing is coated to block heat while allowing in light
  • Interior fountain and water features
  • Pendant lighting using Nelson “Bubble” fixtures in composed groupings
  • Ceiling-mounted infrared heating system
  • Modern gas fireplace in stainless steel enclosure
  • Custom cabinetry integrating media entertainments systems and a hidden fridge

Design / Construction Factors

The owners envisioned a new light-filled living room at ground level on the riverside of their home.  The original house featured a large concrete terrace on piles and this space was enclosed using an aluminum framing system complete with double glazed walls, doors, and ceiling.  Hanging off of this new structure are arrays of suspended light fixtures, ceiling fan, and infrared heaters.  A new custom made cabinet contains the media equipment and a stainless steel enclosure surrounds a gas fireplace and hides the beverage fridge.

Special design care was also taken to ensure that the new sunroom structure would integrate seamlessly with the existing house.  Existing stone cladding, steel and glass handrails, balconies, and walls were all carefully modified to incorporate the new room.

Project Delivery

The project was delivered with a fixed fee arrangement for the stipulated scope of work.  Additional work was added along the way, which was completed on a cost-plus basis.

Aside from some months spent negotiating with the authorities, the project took eight months to build from start to finish.